Huge discounts on firearms with these manufacturer rebates

Current Rebates

If you are in the market for guns and ammo related products, be sure to keep up with the latest rebates offered. keeps its shoppers informed with regularly updated information on both manufacturer and seller rebates.



Upcoming Rebates

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Rebate Types

Rebate programs are a large part of the marketing mix for both manufacturers and retailers. They are mutually beneficial for both manufacturers/retailers and customers, because manufacturers promote their brand, retailers win customer loyalty, and customers get products for the best price.


A manufacturer rebate goes directly from the manufacturer to the consumers for each unit they buy. The consumer purchases the item from the retailer for the full price, and then gets cash back from the manufacturer after claiming for a rebate.


A retailer rebate goes from the manufacturer to the retailer for each unit sold. The retailer in its turn sets the retail price and makes an immediate discount for the customer.