To demonstrate how committed we are to helping our loyal customers,
you can now earn rewards in more ways than just purchasing your favorite guns and gear.

For creating an account.

On your birthday.


For liking on Facebook.

For sharing on Facebook.

For following on Instagram.



Earn Points For every $1 Spent = 1 Bullet Point
Spend Points For every 50 Points earned = $5 increments OFF discount codes for orders over $50*

Invite a Friend

Here at our store, we firmly believe that sharing is caring.

Invite your friends to our store to give them
A 5%OFF Discount Code
Once they make a purchase you will be rewarded for your referral!

Then You Will Get
When a friend completes their first purchase.

Ways to Spend Points

Now that you have some hard earned points, here's how you can spend them.

Redeem as many points as you would like to get the biggest discount on any order over $50.
Rewards discounts and items do not include shipping costs.



Get more as you shop more

 Earn points to reach the next level of rewards, the higher the level the more rewards!




Frequently Asked Questions

I was going to make a purchase using my bullet points and a coupon code for $15 off but changed my mind. Now my bullet points are gone.

Your points are still there but they are now cashed in as a discount code. Follow this LINK to find out where your discount code is located. If you want to exchange the discount code back for your points just shoot us an e-mail to

How much does it cost to join?

Our rewards program is totally free! We do it to say 'thank you' to our awesome customers!

Is there a limit to how many order points I can get?

There is no limit! Collect as many points as you please.

How do I log into or sign up for bullet points rewards?

On our website at the lower left there is a red box that says “Customer Rewards”, click this to open the rewards portal. Choose Sign Up to add your email and then click save to next setup your password. Or if you are already a member of the rewards program just click “Log In” on the portal pop-up at the bottom left. Next enter your Email and Password to log in. If you forgot your password choose the forgot password option to be emailed a reminder.

How do I know how many rewards points I have?

When you log into the Bullet Point Rewards portal the current points earned will be shown under “Your Balance” to see your rewards and how to earn points click on “Earn more Bullet Points” OR “See all the rewards you can earn” (this is directly under “Earn More Bullet Points”)

I picked a reward but it’s not showing up?

In the Bullet Point Rewards Portal scroll all the way to the bottom and click “My Rewards”. Here you can see all the rewards you have claimed and the coupon codes to use them.

How many rewards points will I earn for signing up?

As a new member of the rewards you will earn 1 point for every 1 dollar spent. This does not include taxes or shipping and also does not reward points for any applied discounts.

How do I redeem the free item I picked?

You must add the exact item into your cart and then copy and paste the discount code into the cart for the item to be discounted.

How does the referral rewards work?

Click on “Copy” under the referrals in the rewards portal, this will copy the link you will need to share with a friend. Your referral link gives your friend immediate access to the reward and your reward becomes available as soon as they make a purchase. They get 5%OFF and you get 75 Bullet Points.

I used another code but I couldn't apply any of the the rewards discounts to my order?

Unfortunately you can not combine discount offers. Discount offers can not be combined with any additional offer as only one coupon code can be applied at a time. You have chosen to use the bullet points rewards for an additional coupon that can be redeemed at any time. Even though you did not use your rewards coupon on this recent transaction you can always use it for your next purchase. Also you will gain points for your current purchase as well. Sorry we weren't able to get the rewards discount you had wanted but we hope that you will use your rewards for future purchases with us at

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