HORNADY Match 338 Lapua 285 Grain BTHP Ammo, 20 Round Box (82306)

HORNADY Match 338 Lapua 285 Grain BTHP Ammo, 20 Round Box (82306)


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Type: Rifle Ammo

  • Hornady match rifle ammunition is loaded with the most accurate, consistent match bullets in the world: our sophisticated boattail hollow point match bullets and our technologically advanced A-MAX Match bullets
  • Cases are hand selected based on strict criteria: wall thickness uniformity, internal capacity, case weight and consistent wall concentricity
  • You will get proper bullet seating, consistent charges and pressures, optimal velocity and repeatable accuracy
  • These jackets represent a technological advancement in design, tooling and manufacturing
  • Developed by Hornady technicians, AMP Bullet Jackets feature near-zero wall thickness variation, resulting in unprecedented concentricity and uniformity throughout the jacket
  • Powder is matched carefully to each specific load for optimal pressure, velocity and consistent accuracy
  • Like the powder, the primers we select are the highest quality available, perfectly matched to the load
  Caliber     338 Lapua Magnum  
  Bullet Weight     285 Grains  
  Bullet Style     Hollow Point Boat Tail Match  
  Case Type     Brass  
  Muzzle Velocity     2745 fps  
  Muzzle Energy     4768 ft. lbs.  
  H.I.T.S. # (100 Yard Value)     2661  
  Ballistic Coefficient (G1)     .756  
  Ballistic Coefficient (G7)     .352  
  Sectional Density     .356  
  Rounds Per Box     20  

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